Physique Evolution Personal Training

Evolution Induction

Unlock your ultimate evolution

Have one of our Evolution Coaches design and take you through your new Physique Evolution Training programme!

This is a gym for EVERYONE, we want you all to feel valued and looked after! You aren’t just number, we know from previous experience when you join a gym you may be unfamiliar with the equipment, your goal and lack the confidence and knowledge to take you there.

Thats why we have decided to put this in place for free so everyone starts on the right track here. 

This is FREE of charge with ALL our memberships, for both current & new members!

Physique Evolution Members

1. Welcome to your evolution

During your first meeting, our experienced coaches will sit down with you to discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve from your training at the gym. From this, we will formulate a 6 week workout programme for you to follow and build your new fitness routine.

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2. Perfect your training

Your Evolution Coach will introduce you to your new routine, taking you through your first session to make sure you are super happy with all of the exercises in your programme! This is when you familiarise yourself with all our kit. During this time, we are able to assist you with any form or technique adjustments.

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3. Review and evolve

In 4 weeks time, we will sit back down with you to discuss and review your workout logbook. This allows your Evolution Coach to track your progression and make adjustments where necessary, to maximise your results!