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At Physique Evolution, we believe in investment, not only in the equipment we house but also in our members and their personal progression. That’s why we only invest in industry-leading brands, tried and tested to maximise your results, providing the ultimate training experience. Every design, movement and customisation is hand selected from world leading brands to create the perfect blend of unique specialist strength equipment right here in the heart of the Midlands.

We are the Pinnacle of Fitness in Derby.

Premium Equipment From Leading Names in Strength and Fitness



Perhaps the Ferrari of gym equipment, made and designed in Italy and our most recent investment in the gym. Panatta have a 6-decade long history, with design, experience and optimal joint biomechanics being an integral part of their DNA. With 7 pieces of plate loaded machines, including the Super Deltoid Press, Hyperextension, and Squat lunge, our members love the ease of use and perfect plane of motion. A truly exceptional design for optimal movement patterns.

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One of the foremost strength specialists in the world, Atlantis have been producing strength equipment for over 35 years and were therefore a no-brainer when it came to designing our ULTIMATE gym. With Atlantis, you’re guaranteed a smooth but sturdy feel which not only optimises results but means anybody, no matter their training experience feels comfortable using this kit. We house a variety of Atlantis equipment including our latest additions; the ultra-stable Seated Leg Curl and 2x Lifting Platforms as well as the much-loved Hip Thrust and Belt Squat. Tried and tested by us, loved by our Members.

Hammer Strength


Driven by performance, Hammer Strength are notorious for building elite athletes with their rugged but durable strength equipment, made to withstand the most intense workouts whilst still providing results. One of our first investments in the gym, Member favourites include the plate-loaded Shoulder Press, Horizontal Bench Press and the notorious D.Y. Row. For the best, by the best, at the best.

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In our opinion, no gym is complete without
the sound of old school steel plates hitting the ground! Rogue’s Olympic plates are the perfect addition to Physique Evolution, combining our innovative modern-era kit with classic, durable accessories that maintain that old-school gym feel. Our 20kg Rogue Barbells are also a staple, the Ohio Stainless Steel Bar provides an unmatched feel to any lift, with a firm but comfortable grip. Made in the U.S.A but at home here in Physique Evolution gym.



The start of the Evolution, Watson equipment can be defined as the birth of the East Midlands Mecca. Known for its innovative design and heavy-duty feel, Watson as a brand is renowned for bringing unique equipment to the market. Some notable favourites include the super smooth 45-degree Leg Press, Animal Chest Supported T-Bar Row, and our Watson Dumbbells, ranging from 10-70kg and considered the “world’s best”. A quintessential staple for Physique Evolution.

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We have an exciting mix of 5 brand-new Cybex pin and plate-loaded machines with heavy stacks added to our prestige pin-loaded range. A member favourite, the Cybex Plate loaded hack squat is one of 32 leg machines at Physique Evolution Gym.